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Ambassador Expectations & Responsibilities

As a bug + bean kids Ambassador you agree to the following expectations and responsibilities as well as our bug + bean kids privacy policy & terms and conditions.

- 1-2 pieces of branded content per week across your social media accounts (primarily Instagram).

- When mentioning bug + bean kids please tag with @bugandbeankids and or include links to our website or social media account (depends on the content created and what platform you’re sharing on).

- Engage with bug + bean kids regularly on social media (comment, like, share posts of interest to you and your followers).
Your social media must remain public whilst being a bug + bean kids ambassador.

- You must use high quality images and or video for your social media channels (and website if you have one) and agree to let bug + bean kids use this content across our social media channels and on our website (you will be credited which is also great boost for your following).

- You agree not to abuse the discount or store credit on purchases (i.e. not buying for anyone other than yourself or for the intent to resell). bug + bean kids has the right to cancel any unfilled orders if we feel the discount code or store credit is being abused.

- You agree to have fun! We want this experience to be a natural extension of who you are and we want you to be as passionate as we are about our brand and the brands we stock. We love these products and want to share them with as many people as possible.