fox socks, brown
fox socks, brown
fox socks, brown
fox socks, brown


mini dressing

fox socks, brown


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fox socks for toddlers

 85% cotton 10% poly 5% spandex

About the Brand

Mini Dressing aims for happy children and that’s why the clothes from this Korean brand are best characterized as fun! The designs are cute, often incorporating foxes or other animal characters.

The creativity and originality of Mini Dressing’s one-person design team know no limits, resulting in unique clothing designs for young kids (age 0 to 6 years). From time to time these beautiful designs get picked up by fashion fans on social media. And also in Korea is Mini Dressing quickly gaining popularity, which is quite an achievement for this small brand that only started recently (in 2013).


 machine wash cold (30℃)

 do not bleach