loretta llama teething lovey

Bella Tunno

loretta llama teething lovey


This soft lovey is designed for cuddles and teething with a mix of wood and silicone teething rings to make both baby and mom happy!  The wood ring is removable to wash, replace with a pacifier or hook the velcro loop to the stroller or carrier! And because Bella Tunno donates a meal to a child in America with every product sold, you can feel even better about your purchase.

 teething ring soothes sore gums

 removable ring for easy cleaning

 comforting rattle

 velcro loop for pacifier or stroller

 size: 13.5" from head to toe

 ages 0+

About the Brand

Bella Tunno is a brand with heart, fun and functional productions that have a greater purpose.  All products are 100% CPSIA compliant-thats code for safe.  And for every product sold, they donate a meal to a child in America.