About Us

Welcome to bug +bean kids! We'd say thanks for taking the time to stop by but its probably, thanks for MAKING the time to stop by!  

We offer a unique selection of Korean, American and European brands with more to come each week.  Each item is hand-picked by our buying team.

We know every parent, first time, second time (or more) around, time is a precious commodity, no matter how big or small our children are. It was with this in mind that we decided to start bug + bean - to allow parents to be able to spend what little time they have for themselves to NOT have to load the kids into the mini-van, push/walk them around the mall to eventually grab either the ESSENTIALS or the cutest little outfits you ever did see ☺️ and shop for their PRECIOUS babies from the comfort of home! Whether it be sitting on the couch with that necessary cup of coffee (or cheeky wine) or on the porch we want you to be able to savor at least some downtown while the kids sleep or are at kindy or school.

Our team of awesome "Mom's & Dad's" have done the hard work and selected the most adorable, most cutest and most amazing clothing & accessories for your children! Our COLLECTIONS cover infant to baby to toddler to young children.  And we continue to update them every day! So don't forget to sign-up to our bug + bean Club to stay 'in the know' on our new range of apparel, accessories, and promotions.

In the meantime, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at info@bugandbeankids.com and sign-up to the bug + bean Club for 10% OFF your first purchase!