three unique unicorn horn sidewalk chalk
Twee Unicorn Horn Sidewalk Chalk Set Of Three Packaged Up
Twee Unicorn Horn Sidewalk Chalk Set Of Three Side By Side

unicorn horn sidewalk chalk



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What is magical and universally loved by children? Unicorns. And we have the most exciting outdoor toys for kids, Unicorn Horn sidewalk chalk. Unicorns are awesome and being able to create something magical with their horn is even more special. Let your children have some fun and creative activities with chunky chalk that is perfect for sidewalks and driveways. This Twee sidewalk chalk has featured in Vogue and is just so much fun you might keep it for yourself.

  • Each pack includes: Three (3) sidewalk chalk unicorn horns. One cool horn, one warm horn and one gold and glitter-coated white chalk unicorn horn
  • Dimensions: Each unicorn horn is 3.5 inches in height and about 1.75 inches in diameter